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elcome to the City of Clovis Public Works Department. We are here to serve the Clovis community. Although you may not hear or read about the Public Works Department very often, our personnel are hard at work - in the background, maintaining and improving the City's infrastructure. We assure that your refuse is collected, that the sewer lines are clear, that the wastewater is treated, that the traffic signals are in operation, and that your streets are drivable. Our personnel also maintain and repair all of the City of Clovis vehicles. We have quite a responsibility, and we take that very seriously.  Our personnel are  important members of this community; willing to serve, willing to improve on efficiency, and willing to sacrifice to get the job done!

City of Clovis
Public Works Department


Mission Statement:
"To provide our community with the highest quality public service that continually enhances the quality of life for all of our citizens."

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